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1916-2016 Commemorating The Centenary in the County of Cork and a night of Remembrance November 2016

I had the honor of being a guest in the County Hall in Cork. The night was hosted by the Major of County Cork. It was a thank you the all the local committees in Co. Cork for their hard work in remembering 1916.

I myself helped Michael Kelly document and put together a night of remembrance in the Hibernian Hotel in Nov 2016. Remembering 1916 and also the men who served in the Congo and were captives in Jadtovile.

All the committees received a certificate which acknowledged all  their  hard work.

There was also various entertainment on the night, two entertainers were, Fiona O Flynn who played the illnpipes and Sarah O Conor who sang two songs.

It was great to see so many people for local committees at the event it showed great community spirit.

Just a little bit about our night in November

Myself and Michael traveled Ireland photographing and Documenting memorial sites. We spent 8 months working on our project.

Michael served in the Congo and always wanted to publish a book on his time serving for the Irish defense forces both and home and abroad. I jumped at the chance to help him with it.

Our night was a success. We enlisted the help of Michael son Michael to be MC on the night, we had Black Rose play music and a local Dance group demonstrate some traditional Irish Dancing.

There was display from various defense forces and local groups. The night was fantastic we really enjoyed the whole lead up to that night. We published a programe for the night as a introduction to the book. Which will be on sale in our studio in Mallow Shortly.

So watch this space.



Egle and Iramantus Wedding

39-3493October 6th 2016:


St Marys church Mallow

Doneraile Park

Creagh Castle Doneraile

Cricket Club Cork



It was a beautiful Autumn day, perfect for a wedding. There was great excitement in the Brides house and the wedding preparations were under way. Egle was the most chilled bride I have every met. Her family were wonderful people and I can honestly say it was the first time I have ever seen a wedding dressed being ironed.

The Ceremony was an intimate one with only 5o guest which was lovely. We found it very relaxed and easy to move around to the get the photos the couple had requested.


The first location we took the couple to was Doneraile park(my favourite place)

We took beautiful family photos with the water flowing behind them. Doneraile park is the perfect setting for wedding photos at any time of the year.





Doug our assistance puppy part 2


So Doug is almost 5 months old. He is a ball of fluff and fun.

Doug’s training is improving and we have had to go back to basic training some times as he is very clever but like to try and mess with you.

He will make a great assistance dog (my opinion but I am Bias). In his short life he has been to the National Ploughing Championship in which he stole the show. He has been in a film for AADI and he has been the model in countless photoshoots both mine and AADI.

23-.jpg He is very fond of children and can be very patient, I have noticed that if he meets people with Disabilities he sits and wait beside him.

He is also a puppy so he likes to run jump and play with my dogs and cats, It is very funny as he thinks he is huge.

I know I am going to find it very difficult to let him go. As I write this he is sound asleep (snoring) at my feet. Doug travels with me every where I go except when I have a big photo shoot and the client has requested not to bring him.

He never ceases to amaze me and the people around us. My business has tripled because I use him as my mascot and I find clients call in to see him and end up booking me for various shoots and events.

Now don’t get me wrong it can be difficult some days as it is not all rosy in the garden, Doug is like a child and he can be demanding both mentally and physically but I wouldn’t change him or my decision for the world.


Some photos from a photo shoot with Ruby who recently moved to Dublin to be with her family. Doug loves Ruby, Ruby not so much.

So until Next time folks. Happy October.

Love Jen and Doug